Life obstacles – ups and downs

Life obstacles – ups and downs

Hello fellows!
I have bad and good news.
Firts of all, I lost my heart to work on furniture collection so I made a break and I have no idea when I will finish it and publish the result. Second bad news is I catched horrible cold at days, so I need to cure first before I will come back to work anyway. BUT the good news is that I finally finished my male body doll model and as soon as I will get back to health I will cast molds and start working in porcelain again! I can’t wait to that 😀 In one and a half month there will be Pyrkon – the biggest fantasy and fiction convention in Poland! I already started preparing for that and I really hope to finish at least one porcelain cast for that event ^^
At the end pictures of Ken doll handmade lingerie for Nicolai silktone body promised to you a very long time ago. All silkstone collector knows that pain when fabric dye plastic and leave dust inside of joints, that is why I made this lingerie to my favourite silkstone doll 🙂 (trausers and accesories are parts of original outfit).
Regards and have a nice day 🙂

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Casting mold

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