The Tiles Type Oracles

The Tiles Type Oracles

This project was launched in 2011 when I created the first set of runes. It was made of cardboard tiles decorated with relief, each tile has a size of 3,8 cm/3 cm. 2 years later I decided to do something a little different and more Asian-style. In this way, the first version of the I-ching set has arisen. It consists of exactly 64 hexagrams painted in black paint on the gold-green tiles, each has a size of 2,5 cm/2,5 cm. A year later, because already in 2014 minimalist version of the I-Ching was created. This time, consisting only of 16 trigrams (2 identical sets of 8 plates, 2 plates make up 1 of 64 hexagrams), each in size of 4 cm/3 cm.




I Ching I version


I Ching II version

In the near future I plan to renew these projects with two other techniques: ceramics and wood-craft, so keep you eye on it.

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