it’s just a STUPID doll

it’s just a STUPID doll

Diploma Project 2014

This project consists of seven characters: 6 dolls and 7th a man. Each character embodies the feature, through which is seen as a fool.


A doting fool, unable to reconcile his state of mind with an aging body, in the face of society behaving inappropriately to age, lies blithely between blue balls, attention is drawn to the clown-like red nose and hat with a propeller.


A fool in love, every now and then fall into a new infatuation, as unreal as the previous ones, his words have no coverage in deeds, his love is literally paper, which depict red hearts scattered around, on his head you can see harlequin cap, while at the lips red heart.


A smart fool, who thinks he ate all the minds of the world, thoughtfully looks at the neverending piece of paper with the notes, biretta cap resting on his head symbolizes the apparent end of the education, on the cheeks you can see signs alpha and omega.


A greedy fool, with great solicitude collects material goods, because nothing else will matter to him, he sitts on top of a penny mountain, weighing coins in his hands, his eye is decorated with monocle frame, and on his head you can find a cylinder.


A superstitious fool, every warning takes to himself, he do all the charms in order to chase a devil from himself, sitts in the lotus position in the middle of a salt circle, turning his head toward the sky, he has magician’s hat, and a third eye painted on his forehead.


A fearful fool, is afraid of everything, his fear is transformed into a failure to act, like a paralyzed lies in a fetal position, around him is crumpled cord that tightens around him like a loop on the convict, on his head is a donkey hat, and on cheek a red tear.


A fool man, thinks he has control over the world, while someone else pulls his strings, not limited by space, only by his own body and mind, is surrounded by dolls, merging with them.


All doll’s are handmade in porcelain, and their body structure is based on my own.

It was my first serious project, so they may be imperfect. Technical weaknesses I will try to fix on further projects.


At the exhibition each of six dolls has been closed in  space bounded by the glass symbolizing the simultaneous detachment from reality and existences in it. Moreover, these have been placed in the characteristic pose betrays their state of mind, surrounded by objects, from which in some way is dependent. A man figure has been standing between them, it’s limitation was the lack of communication with people.

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