Katja The Artist

My passion for dolls began 15 years ago, when I started to collect them what I am doing so far. One day collecting was not enough, so I started creating doll’s craft: everything what can be done for dolls and also with them. This is how dollab has arisen. By this name I mean doll’s laboratory where I produce dolls, furniture, paintings and some esoteric things as well. Everything is created with human hands and in one of many ways connected with dolls.

One of the most important projects in my career was work „It’s just a stupid DOLL” with which I graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts the University of Nicholas Copernicus in Toruń in 2014. Curently I study second faculty: sculpture what helps me with improving my skills and learning the anatomy.

Not all of my works are closely related to dolls. I also create board games, oracle cards and art-books. It stems from a wide pool of my interests, which include fiction, esoteric and literature. Knowledge of photography and graphic programs helps me with this a lot. For many years, I also deal with the art of divination, that is why my offer also includes oracle card decks.

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